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“I am fascinated with faces and people and often find myself staring at interesting faces and people as they pass by. I can’t help myself. I also love the extensions of people – our creations that make a statement about who we are as a society. It can be a building, a floating piece of plastic or a hole in the ground.”

Jaq Grantford is an ARC Associate Living Artist (Arc Renewal Centre) based in Australia and specialises in fine art and portraiture. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, winning the Darling Portrait Prize ( National Portrait Gallery of Australia) and the 2023 Archibald People’s Choice.

Her work is held in the MEAM Musem (European Museum of Modern art), the National Portrait Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria and many other collections.
She has had a love of art for all her life and a particular fascination with portraits and personalities.
(She also loves cats.)

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