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Oil Paint on canvas
Ready to hang on a stretched canvas.
113cm (W) x 123cm (H) x 4cm (D)


I was introduced to Lior’s music via the Hush Music Foundation.
Lior has been one of the contributing artists to their CD, ‘A Piece of Quiet’, and it was suggested to me when I was working on a picture book for them that he would be wonderful to paint.
The work that the Hush Music Foundation does for children undergoing cancer treatment is extraordinary, so I was interested to meet with a musician who is such an amazing supporter of this cause.
I immediately became a fan. His music crosses genres, but with a single thread underlying it all – it has heart.
At the time of the sittings, Lior was exploring the concept of Duality in his music, so we explored that for this portrait as well. The idea that within ourselves there is always more than one voice. We experimented by having Lior look through a crystal which created a reflected image of him.
The portrait started with only two faces, but as I was painting it didn’t feel right, and somehow and extra reflection was added. To my mind, this is the subconscious that underlies the surface duality that we have when we converse with ourselves.



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