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Jaq Grantford is an international award-winning portrait artist who has had the pleasure to paint the portraits of some wonderful people…some well-known (Jacki Weaver, Johnny Young, Bud Tingwell, Mick Malthouse)…and some just with big hearts.

Through the Window
Archibald Prize People's Choice 2023. 'Through the window', oil on canvas, 170 x 131.6 cm Portrait of Noni Hazlehurst Photo…
Oil on Canvas, 86 x 102 cm
Dr Simon Livingston
Beautiful at Eighty
Oil on Canvas, 74.5 x 48cm
Oil on Canvas, 120cm x 120cm
Limited Edition Prints – Just an Old Drag Queen
Elena Kats-Chernin and Laura – Sisters
Oil on Canvas, 92cm x 92cm
Portrait of Noeline by Jaq Grantford
Oil on Canvas, 80cm x 55cm
Oil on Canvas, 113 x 123cm
Portrait of Elena Kats-Chernin by Jaq Grantford
Elena Kats-Chernin
Oil on Canvas, 110 cm x 85 cm
Portrait of Tony Gould by Jaq Grantford
Tony Gould – Of Heart and Hand,
Oil on Linen Board, 123cm x 113cm
Jacki Weaver
OIl on LInen, 150cm x150cm
Wind Kissed
My Pen My Sword
Self Portrait in Collage
Self Portrait in Collage
Collage, Past illustrations in Pencil and Oil on Board, 120cm x 80cm
Self Portrait of Jaq Grantford
Self Portrait in Encaustic Wax
Encaustic Wax on Board, 120cm x 70cm
Portrait of Ray by Jaq Grantford
96cm x 80cm
Portrait of Paul Mercurio by Jaq Grantford
Paul Mercurio
Oil on Canvas, 170cm x 120cm
Portrait of Jake and Danni
Jake and Danni – Diptych
Oil on Canvas, 137cm x 43cm each canvas
Portrait of Noni Hazlehurst by Jaq Grantford
Noni Hazlehurst
Oil on Canvas, 156 cm x 145 cm
Oil on Canvas, 150cm x 73cm
Portrait of Mick Malthouse by Jaq Grantford
Mick Malthouse
Portrait of Mick Malthouse, as seen on the Footy Show! Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Mandy by Jaq Grantford
Portrait of Mandy
Portrait of Stephanie by Jaq Grantford
Graphite on Paper, 50cm x 40cm
Portrait of Jonah, by Jaq Grantford
Portrait of Jonah
Portrait of Steve by Jaq Grantford
Portrait of Steve
Portrait of Artist's Family, by Jaq Grantford
Portrait of Artist’s Family
The Best of Me
A Study in Water
A Study in Water
A Study in Water
Portrait of Alan by Jaq Grantford
Portrait of Alan
Portrait of Emili by Jaq Grantford
Portrait of Emili
Portrait of Eddie Ayres by Jaq Grantford
Eddie Ayres
Eddie Ayres,
Portrait of Dee by Jaq Grantford
Portrait of Dee
Portrait of Bud Tingwell by Jaq Grantford
Bud Tingwell
Bud Tingwell
Portrait of Pat by Jaq Grantford
Portrait of Pat, Oil on Board, 40cm x 30cm
Portrait of John Young by Jaq Grantford
Portrait of John Young
Johnny Young
Portrait of Gab by Jaq Grantford
Portrait of Gab
Jaq Grantford Fine artist and portrait artist - Relief Sculpture - Portrait of Danni
Relief Sculpture – Portrait of Danni
Relief Sculpture - Portrait of Danni
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