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My “Chandler Face” by Susan Windmiller

A very entertaining post by the talented photographer Susan Windmiller, who understands my discomfort in front of a camera. This photo was taken for the Mordialloc Chelsea Leader of Aspendale.

“You know that Friends episode? The one when Chandler always grimaces when someone takes his photo? Well that’s me,” said artist Jacqui Grantford. “I have a Chandler look. The only time I can relax in front of a camera is when I have had a few drinks. Then I don’t look too bad.”

I managed to get the “Chandler” out of Jacqui’s face and I asked her how she had managed to do it on this occasion. She answered that most people just take your photo and don’t tell you what you really look like. Besides, she said, “You made me laugh.” So it looks like I’m as good as a few stiff drinks. I can see we are going to be Friends.

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