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Iceland Art Residency

Iceland Art Residency

I went to Iceland! And it’s as gorgeous as everyone says it is.

This was last year in October before travel was a thing of the past due to Coronavirus.

I had a months residency in a tiny little town with a population of 400 people.

The things I noticed and loved about my trip:

  • Iceland is tiny – and it gives it a wonderful community feel.
  • The land is sparse with black rocks and black sand, not green and lush like many think. But this makes it exotic and interesting.
  • Everything is named with very long words like Reykjanesbær, Vestmannaeyjar or Neskaupstaður.
  • It’s cold. No surprise there. I had to buy new hats and gloves to wear over the ones I already had.
  • It’s slippery which I discovered the hard way a few times when I forgot to wear my crampons.

The highlight? The fantastic group of people I met at the residency who came from all over the world.

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