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How to Commission a Portrait and Artwork

Commissioning an artwork from Jaq starts with a discussion about what you would like for your painting. Any subject is possible, from portraits to still-life to fantasy or surrealism.

Portraits are available in several mediums: oil paint, charcoal drawing, and watercolour.

Jaq also does portrait sculptures in bronze and relief portrait sculptures by commission.

Jaq prefers to work from her own photos taken during a sitting, but in certain circumstances, existing photos can be used depending on the quality of the image.

All portraits are of the highest quality materials and will create a beautiful heirloom that will last for centuries.

A portrait painting or a portrait drawing from Jaq starts with a discussion about what you would like. A call or email is the first step towards organising your artwork where you and Jaq can discuss in further detail what you want.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please email for a quote, or call 0438013005 to chat about what you would like.

Commissions outside Australia may have an extra fee to cover travel and accommodation.

The time it takes to complete a portrait depends on the complexity and size, but please allow a few months – a portrait is a work of love and care and takes time.

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