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Jacqui Grantford has been written and illustrated numerous children’s book.

Australian Children's books - The Hush Treasure Book - Jacqui Grantford

The Hush Treasure Book

This absorbing collection of stories, poems and artwork by a stellar cast of children’s book creators has been specially commissioned by the Hush Foundation. Includes bonus CD featuring a special compilation of Hush music compositions.

Welcome to the world of HUSH a world of magic, wonder and mystery. Created for the Hush Music Foundation, famous for its original music albums used in hospitals all around the world, this book is a treasure trove that will delight and entertain the whole family.

A glorious collection of stories, poems and pictures from thirty favourite storytellers:


Australian Children's books - Various Faerious - Written and Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

Various Faerious

Written and illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

There is a magical world that exists between the blink of an eye. If you were able to see this realm you would be astonished at the various faeries you’d find.

Beware – this is no ordinary faerie book!



Teaching Kids to Draw Realistically

Written by Jacqui Grantford
Everybody has the inherent ability to draw and create art.But without guidance and education, many children as young as eight lose faith in their ability to draw realistically – and this normally continues into adulthood.As with any creative field such as art, music or literature – natural talent can only take you so far.International Award-Winning artist Jacqui Grantford has spent much of her adult life teaching children how to draw and create art.Over this time she has developed many varied and innovative exercises and activities to help in the teaching of young students, which have now been compiled into one volume.If you are a teacher, parent or friend, this book will greatly help you develop artistic skills in young people to enable them to create their own beautiful and inspiring artworks.



Australian Children's books - Nancy Bentley - Written by Norma Spalding and Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

Nancy Bentley

Written by Tracey Hawkins
Nancy Bentley was bitten by a snake on the shores of Port Arthur in Tasmania. There was no medical help nearby so Nancy’s father rowed her out to the HMAS Sydney in the bay.
In 1920 women were not allowed on naval vessels. In order to comply with regulations Nancy Bentley was enlisted into the Royal Australian Navy. Nancy was six years of age and the first female to be inducted into the Royal Australian Navy. The Navy looked after her for eight days before discharging her because she was ‘required by her parents’.
A moving and fascinating true story.
Short listed for the Speech Pathology Book Awards, 2012



Molly’s Memory Jar

Written by Norma Spalding
Molly has a deep feeling of sadness after the death of Lucy, her golden retriever.
Molly is now without someone she loved dearly.
Seeing his daughter lost and lonely, Molly’s father hatches a plan to help her through her grief.
Molly’s Memory Jar is a soothing story about remembering the good times and coping with the loss of a most beloved pet. The story is full of colour as Molly creates her own personal memory of her best friend Lucy
Listed as a recommended book for the Family Therapist’s Award.



Australian Children's books - Pemberthy Bear - Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

Pemberthy Bear

Written by Sally Murphy
Pemberthy Bear might be covered in fluff, but he is also very gruff and grumpy. So, when the carefree Primula Doll invites him for a sing along, he refuses to join in. Later, however, he finds himself paying an unexpected visit to Primula. Cans she convince him to sing with her?
Listed in the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge



Australian Children's books - A True Person - Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

A True Person

Written by Gabiann Marin

Zallah and her mother have escaped their war torn country and are looking for safety in Australia. Instead of freedom they find themselves in a refugee detention centre. Zallah struggles with the reason for this punishment.

A True Person is a moving story which highlights the bond between Mother and Daughter in times of adversity. For Zallah there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we celebrate with her as she realises what it means to be A True Person.



Wishes for One More Day

Written by Melanie Joy Pastor
A grandfather’s death inspires his grandchildren to create a book of wishes in this sensitive portrayal of dealing with the loss of a loved one. When Anna and her little brother Joey hear the sad news about their Poppy’s death, they begin to list the things they would do if they could have one more day with him.

As the list grows into a pile, the pile becomes a book—a book of wishes for one more day with Poppy—or, as their mother explains, a memory book of the love and fun they shared with him, since all of their wishes have already come true. This treasured memento celebrates Poppy’s life and helps Anna and Joey keep his memory alive for years to come.



Australian Children's books - Squeezy Cuddle Dangly Legs - Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

Squeezy Cuddle Dangly Legs

Written by Peter Whitfield
A delightfully interactive book.
This beautifully illustrated story captures the games children play stalling at bedtime. It shows the love between the child and parent as they engage in bedtime rituals such as ‘this little piggy’ and ‘round and round the garden’.



Australian Children's books - Thank You Wishes - Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

Thank You Wishes

Written by Kate Wilson
What happens when a little girl called Molly discovers her grandma’s thank you wishes book? Filled with beautiful loving thoughts and words of appreciation and gratitude, it sparkles with all the wonderful things in grandma’s life.



Australian Children's books - Shoes News - Written and Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

Shoes News

Written and illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

Shoes News takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the vital role footwear has played in the development and history of the human race through the ages, covering a span of history from the prehistoric dawn on mankind to the far-flung future – revealing long-hidden shoe secrets for the very first time!



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