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Australian portrait and fine artist - Winner of the Darling Portrait Prize and Archibald People's Choice Winner

Portrait Artist

Jaq Grantford is an award-winning portrait artist, winning the 2022 Darling Portrait Prize (National Portrait Gallery of Australia) and the People’s Choice in the 2023 Archibald Prize. She also won the 2019 Kennedy Art Prize and Best in Show with the American Art Awards. Her work is held in the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) Barcelona Spain, and other collections worldwide. Her work is a favourite with gallery-goers often winning the People’s Choice – Lester Prize (twice), Shirley Hannon Portrait Prize and others.
She has been recognised by Portrait Society of America a number of times, and many other art prizes throughout Australia and internationally.
Her portraits are often quirky and looking at the person from an unusual perspective.
But she also works more traditionally, especially with corporate portraits, family portraits, and more personal portraits.


Fine Artist

Jaq Grantford’s fine art collection combines cityscapes, surreal oil paintings, drawings and sculpture. Her original paintings are available for sale as well as limited edition prints.
Her works have been featured in American Art Collector, and International Artist Magazine and they have won numerous awards, including the Master of Art Competition in London.
Not all works are listed in the shop so please inquire about any pieces that you see and have an interest in.


The Joy of Making

“I have always had a passion for art ever since I was a tiny child. I recall from the age of five drawing portraits of my mum, and loving the challenge of making it just like her…not only how she looked physically, but
the essence of who she is.
I think that’s the real challenge as a portrait artist.
And not only for portraits, but for anything else that you are creating. To paint or sculpt something that tells a story about that subject, and conveys to people something of its essence, is just such a joy for me.”


Portrait Artist
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